Welcome to Stay Hungry

"Stay Hungry."「達成への強い意志を持ち続けよ」







さらに、チームメンバーの皆さんには参加者募集や主催、外交、集計、コース指示などに交流戦中の役職をそれぞれ割り振ります。Stay Hungryのみならず、他のMKチームに所属して活動する際に役立つスキルとしてみなさんに身に着けてほしいという理由があります。








English ver.


This clan name derives from "Stay Hungry."

We accept those who play MK8DX.

Check "Requirement" and tell us "Your Aim"  if you want to belong to this clan.

(e.g. "The fewest friendly kill player.")

The aim motivate you. And, play with us actively!



Furthermore, you do something related to clan wars such as recruiting war members, room host, making a match, making a result and instructing trucks. When you belong to other clan, these skills are very useful, so we want you to get those skills.


We accept foreign players (under 20% in our clan members). This is because playing with various players helps achievement of your aim.



Our active time is between 21:00 JST and 24:00 JST, but you can increase wars.

And we do domestic war, playing MK8DX while talking, competing time trail in this team,  making friend match of no items and no coins, e.t.c.

We host a sham battle (mogi) when enough members can't gather to a war.


You can check if we accept new members in "News".