※現在SHへ入団申請は受付けていません(Jul-10. 2019)


We do not accept application for joining SH now(Jul-10. 2019)





The possibility of participation will be considered with team members. When we accept your participation, you become a temporary member of clan SH. After you play 2weeks as temporary member, you become a regular member of clan SH if there are no problems between us and you.













入団希望の方は、上記の条件をよくお読みの上、Stay Hungry(@8DX_Stay_Hungry)または、オティヌス(@othinus_majin)のツイッターアカウントまでご連絡ください。


〇Requirements of enrollment

・Being careful about words and deeds which can cause the problem between team members

・Helping each other when other members confuse

・Having Discord account

・Be highly motivated to play MK8DX

・Enjoying a war and not giving up reaching your goal

・Having common sense

・Communicating SH members actively

・Belonging to less than or equal to three MK8DX clan

・Members who belong to clans to which SH members belong are less than or equal to two members


If you want to belong us, plz read well above Requirements and massage  Stay Hungry(@8DX_Stay_Hungry) or オティヌス(@othinus_majin) twitter account.